Nomming at SongCook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant

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I’ve been getting quite lazy with blogging,  I must admit. It’s just after work all I want to do is pretty much nothing lol. Even when my friend Beatrice suggested for us to have dinner at SongCook’s I didn’t even look up what was good to eat there on Urbanspoon : O!! Usually I’m the type of person that likes to look through the whole menu and people’s reviews & tips, and already sort of have in mind what I want to eat before arriving.  What we were most excited about at SongCook’s when we arrived was that they had traditional floor seating!!!! Never have we been this excited to sit on the floor lolol. But we read that it had heated flooring and it would feel much more authentic, so we even asked the waiter to get us a new table (we were originally at regular tables).



We couldn’t feel the floor being heated though : / but maybe because the weather was warm.

Something else that’s pretty cool about SongCook’s is that they serve a huge variety of types of rice. They have a whole array of rice cookers just to provide this! But we didn’t end up ordering it because rice is additional.

We got their Jajangmyun which was recommended on foursquare and by our waiter so we gave it a shot. I think it’s the best jajangmyun I’ve had – I’ve had one at Nakwon before and I didn’t like it at all.. This one is really creamy.


We actually got one of their ‘jajang combos’ where you get half of a regular serving of jajangmyun and then half of another noodle/rice dish – we chose the ChamPong which is spicy seafood noodles. Nothing really spectacular but I really want to try the non-soup version of the champong, it looked really good in the menu.


Lastly, we couldn’t resist getting Kalbi since it was only like $8.99 or so. Really large serving size and was tasty – but not as fatty as I would like it to be : /


Overall, I think this is a great place to try since they have a lot of dishes that your regular Korean restaurants like Nakwon and Owl of Minerva don’t serve (one of them that I also want to try is the ‘Amry Stew’ it reminds me of what they eat on Family Outing); and you get to experience sitting at the floor tables!!! Which is exciting for people like me that haven’t been to Korea. ALSO, they have karaoke nights on Fridays lol. We didn’t stick around though when we found out no one was really singing except one guy which I think is an employee.

If you have foursquare, be sure to check in because on your first check-in you get a free coke!! And screenshot that for next time haha.

SongCook's Authentic Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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