My new favourite Italian Restaurant – Farro

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Farro is my new favourite Italian restaurant in town and it gets major bonus points for being uptown!! My friend Nancy gave me a list of restaurants to pick from  to visit, and I picked Farro (thinking it was downtown) solely because it had a 90% rating on Urbanspoon. And to my surprise, it is actually located in Vaughan.  Which makes it so much more accessible to me and my fellow uptown-ers. I like going downtown to eat because there are sooo many different restaurants, but driving and parking is SUCH a hassle. And being the person that isn’t even the driver, I already feel the pain.

There weren’t many reviews on Urbanspoon nor Foursquare so we really just had to choose based on our opinion on what would be yummy and worth the price.

We got some complimentary bread to start of course.


For our appetizer, we debated for so long between mussels or scallops (which we love but is oh so pricey), and ended up choosing the Steamed Mussels with White wine, tomato sauce and a hint of perond because it seemed like it would be a much larger portion. At the time I was also very into mussels because I had really delicious ones at Oyster Boy.  Compared to Oyster Boy the mussels at Farro were much better in size and taste. But Oyster Boy’s soup base was much much more rich and tasty. I think Farro gave a very decent serving size for it’s price of only $12.95. And with it’s large shells, they even took care to give us a bowl to place the empty shells and to switch bowls when the shells were piling up.  The complimentary bread was also very useful for dipping into the soup :D


For mains we decided to share Gnocchi Gorgonzola with basil pesto, sundried tomatoes and spinach.  Gnocchi has become my new favourite type of pasta. I just love the chewy texture of it, kinda like mochi! The creamy pesto sauce was very delicious and not too overbearing. This is a must try if you love creamy kind of sauces for pasta : )


We also shared a pizza – Quattro Stagioni with Prosciutto Cotto, Artichokes, Mushrooms, Olives, Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella.  It’s the first time I’ve ever had artichokes on pizza :  / I’m not a big fan of it normally but it was bearable actually on the pizza. Gave a sour kind of taste especially since there were olives too. It was good, but the gnocchi was much better.


Here’s  us !! No I am not wearing all white ….just the flash made my yellow shirt turn white, and I had a white tablecloth on my lap too..


We ended up even splurging a little to get dessert too. My favourite kind of cake is Tiramisu so I had to get it since we’re at an Italian restaurant.  It was pretty strong on the coffee tasting side but was quite light and fluffy like how I like it.  I generally like the kind of tiramisu that has lots of thin layers more though.  The one at Le Cafe Michi is really good : 3


Farro on Urbanspoon

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One thought on “My new favourite Italian Restaurant – Farro

  1. Those foods are really divine. I love it! Looking forward to visit the place, and thanks for sharing your experiences to us. Keep posting.

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