Rock Climbing at True North and …Sushi


Just earlier this year, I joined the Exec team of Mon Sheong Youth Group for the Marketing Coordinator position. It’s my plan to gain some experience in the Marketing field if I ever want to switch into that path instead of Accounting in the future, and to meet more people / have more activities to attend. So far I have been helping brainstorm and promote events for the youth group and testing my limited photoshop skills with making posters. But it’s fun to have something new to do!

The first social event I attended was our Rock Climbing event at True North Climbing. Honestly, when I found out our first event was rock climbing I wasn’t too keen on going. I was actually planning to not go because I’m afraid of heights, especially falling from high places. But I knew as an exec and a new one at that, I should go and at least appear. So I decided to ask some friends (Nancy, Isaac & Alvin) if they would like to go too, since I figured it would at least be more fun if my own friends were there. Not that I’m not friends with the other members, just that I only met them for only a couple weeks / a month, so we aren’t that close.

And I am SO glad I went. Especially with my friends that came. My goal was just to not embarrass myself too much, and try to finish climbing one wall. I’ve never climbed before except wall climbing once in Gr. 8 and from my memory I only climbed halfway before getting scared lol. It also wasn’t even a tall wall..  However, my friends were so determined and enthusiastic about it all that it sort of rubbed onto me.  I’m not sure if I just got more brave, or more determined, or hate to quit, but I surprised myself a lot there..and in the good way.  I didn’t expect to actually be able to climb successfully, I didn’t even think I would be able to tie my own harness without help -_- usually I’m really bad with instructions and making knots..etc but somehow I had no problem with it.  I like to think I grew up : ‘ )


The biggest climbing challenge I had was climbing up this crevice like wall… When I saw it, I did not for a second even consider climbing it…it just looked way out of my level. But my friends slowly one by one decided to give it a shot, and I felt like I didn’t want to be such a party pooper and not even give it a try. And I also wanted the satisfaction of accomplishing it. I had A LOT of trouble with it. I think I spent like 5-10 mins on there being stuck at various spots. It’s a wall that doesn’t have much for you to step on, and the advice was to use your back/legs on the actual wall to help boost yourself up…..but I think my leg strength wasn’t enough + probably because I’m short I couldn’t really get a good position that would give me good grip on the wall : /


After lots of whining of not knowing what to do and wanting to give up, I sucked it up and did it. My friends’ encouragement and patience really helped. Thanks guys : D !!!


And here are my amazing friends as well. Seriously, without them I would have never climbed that crevice-y wall.

12463_10152728307775456_1133611689_n    12476_10152728307625456_610624070_n     29550_10152728308260456_1672800492_n

The proper way to climb is to use your legs instead of your arms, because supposedly you’ll tire yourself out very fast. I think I kind of used my arms to make up for where my legs lacked in ..(thanks dragonboat practice).  Anyway, we all had a lot of fun. Every one of them was complimenting me on bringing them to such a fun event, and how it was an amazing day. And it really was. But I think what made it so good was everyone’s spirit as cheesy as that sounds lol. I’d love to go back again….just not any time too soon. I don’t feel exactly like going through all that difficulty just yet as my muscles are still recovering. 

After all that climbing, we wanted nothing more than to eat. And of course what do my friends and I love to eat? Sushi!!! We went to Gal’s Sushi, which is quite generic but I have actually never ordered a la carte from them. I always get a bento, korean food, or udon. I do love their tempura udon (but I think they have recently started to cheap out on the tempura).   With the 4 of us we decided we could get a sushi boat kind of thing : )


Got the Gal’s Special roll – shrimp, salmon, avocado, fish roe & philadelphia cheese wrapped with soybean paper and topped with potato bits.  Honestly when I saw that it looked like it was wrapped with a lettuce like thing I was not loving it, but it actually tastes really good. It’s savoury from all the ingredients like cheese and avocado yet still really fresh tasting. Definitely try this one out if you want to try one of their special rolls.


We decided on a sashimi platter in the end beause we like sashimi more than sushi…and that meant we could order more food : 3


And we also tried the Cloud roll. I think it is savoury but a little TOO savoury. It’s made of crab meat, red snapper, fish roe, green onion and creamy garlic sauce.

Gal's Sushi on Urbanspoon



We ended our day with board games LOL. My friend introduced us to a new board game (well new to us) called King of Tokyo which is pretty cool. I think the characters are drawn kinda cutely for monsters. It’s a fun game that is not super competitive so it’s great for just some light hearted board gaming that won’t lead to grudges : )

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3 thoughts on “Rock Climbing at True North and …Sushi

  1. Wow, that wall looks impossible! Hope we get to hang out more when I’m back for good in a week!!! :D

  2. I been to True North before and it was really fun. It was hard at first since I was using my arm strength. After you get the hang of it, it’s really fun!

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