Revisit to Fin Izakaya


With so many restaurants to try (and revisit) and not much money, I rarely get to revisit some of the places I’ve tried and enjoyed. Especially if they are pricey and not close-by to where I live.  Finally after more than half a year I got to revisit my favourite Izakaya (other than Guu) – Fin Izakaya! I think food wise overall Fin is better, but I just like the environment of Guu …it feels more izakaya-like!

Although I have been to Fin before, I ordered mostly things that I have not tried before : )  This is mainly because other than their set menu they have a daily/weekly special menu you can pick from.  Here’s what we got for around $20-25 each!!


Seafood de rice in stone. Not too amazing but savoury.


Duck shichimi yaki. This didn’t really stand out to me that much but Beatrice and Dom LOVED it. I think it’s because I’m not a big fan of shichimi..


Beef tongue miso zuke. I liked this one, it was flavoured well and had a good texture – not too hard nor soft.


Sukiyaki Hot Pot. If you see this on the daily menu, YOU HAVE TO GET IT. It was amazingly delicious. The soup was very very tasty – and only $6!


Here’s my bowl of my sukiyaki. The beef was thinly sliced and was of good quality too. And the sukiyaki broth makes the beef taste even better : 3


With so much love for the sukiyaki hot pot we decided to try another one…I think it was beef tongue and noodle hot pot, but it was an epic fail. Very plain and not even “hot pot”.


Blowtorched mackerel. I quite like it here, but I suppose it is true as my friends said that it is just as good as any other restaurant’s mackerel. I like it at Fin because they give a lot of ginger and green onions to go with it. I don’t like to eat just mackerel on it’s own, I find it too ‘fishy’ tasting.


The only skewer I would recommend getting at Fin – pork belly with sea salt! I think it was more tender the first time I went though : /


Carbonara Udon. I quite liked it since I like creamy-like things. The udon was quite springy in texture so that was nice. Beatrice said the one at Guu was better though, I haven’t tried that one.


I love takoyaki. And I still think the ones at Fin are the best that we have in Toronto (from what I have tried so far). However! They did put reaaally little octopus inside. If they just put more octopus it would be perfect because the dough is perfectly squishy on the inside, but still fried on the outside.


Beef rice bomb. Literally rice wrapped in beef…. I don’t know who thought this was good and recommended it on foursquare but it was a big disappointment. I could make this myself .__.


Bea and Dom got some drinks …didn’t write down what they were > < Horace got a beer…but no picture since that’s not special : P I was trying to be “cheap” so I got water..

I think Fin is a place I’d revisit since I enjoyed both of my visits and I usually don’t like a lot of the izakayas I go to much. For it’s price you really get good quality, and you feel satisfactory and full!
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But we can never resist dessert…


Guess which one is mine? (Note: I don’t take all of the pictures that I use)

Tried Yogurty’s for the first time!!!  It’s quite similar to Menchie’s but different flavours and some different / more toppings to choose from. They have a lot more candy/chocolate choices and coconut flakes (which I love!!).    I’m excited for the one that will open uptown near Whole Foods !!
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2 thoughts on “Revisit to Fin Izakaya

  1. Indeed, I work right next to Fin Izakaya, so I’ve been there probably 5-6 times so far. Good ambience in that it’s not overly crowded like Guu.
    The takoyaki is my favourite, out of all the Toronto izakayas, and even some of the Japanese ones — granted, it’s not traditionally made — it’s been deep fried! That’s the reason for the really crunchy exterior, as compared to the relatively smushy exteriors at other places.
    I love the Chilli Mayo Shrimp there as well, great flavour – beats out Guu’s version handily.
    I also found Fin’s Miso Eggplant to be superior to Inakaya’s — the flavour is a lot better controlled. There’s way too much miso at Inakaya’s.
    I’ve never come across the sukiyaki here before! Interesting!
    I really think that among all the various izakayas around Toronto, each place has specific items that they do amazingly well, but other items fall a bit flat. But yea, those are the 3 items I always try to order at Fin.

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