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My favourite (okay I’m totally just grouping here) Thai/ Malaysian restaurant used to be Restoran Malaysia, but that was until I had the best curry ever at Thai Basil. And it is literally the best curry ever, if you’re not looking for the spicy kind. For only $10.99 or so, you get a bowl-full of curry!!!  I went with my friend Beatrice and we were recommended by a friend to try the Mussamun Curry Beef Brisket, and we did..and it was soooo good. The curry flavour was rich and delicious, and the beef brisket was just so unimaginably tender. I never imagined a $10.99 curry dish could be so large in serving size AND be so good.  I’m converted.


This picture really doesn’t do it any justice at all, but just trust me and try it out. We ate as much as we could but still had a lot left, but we couldn’t bear to waste it so we brought it home to eat as midnight snack : ) And it was still so good after 2 hours. The only disappointing thing was they don’t serve naan / pita at Thai Basil and you have to order rice for like $1. However, I think we agreed that rice made it much more savoury and probably was more suitable.

We also got the Thai Basil appetizer platter to share which includes prawn cakes, fish cakes, spring rolls, chicken and beef satay. We liked the prawn cakes the most because it was nicely fried on the outside but very soft in the inside, and the prawn flavour was very strong so it tasted very fresh / real. The satays weren’t the best I’ve had – I do think Restoran Malaysia’s were better and they also don’t have any lamb skewers at Thai Basil (I think).  This platter is probably a much better option if you come with more people so you can just eat one of everything.  Just to note, the peanut sauce was our favourite dipping sauce too.


Beatrice got the Tong Yum Goong Lemongrass Soup. I opted out of this because I had one for the first time at ‘Koh Thai’ in Hong Kong and it had a very very strong ginger taste which I really hate, so I’m a bit wary to order it in fear I would not like it, and then waste my money.  I’ve tried a bit of hers and actually a bit at another restaurant, and both were very far from the ginger taste of the soup I had in Hong Kong, so now I’m unsure as to whether it is supposed to have a ginger taste or not : /   Please let me know if you know!! The one I had in Hong Kong literally had many pieces of ginger inside the soup too.


Overall I’m definitely going to revisit because I think the curry is amazing and such cheaply priced. I’d love to try other things on the menu too, so if you have suggestions please let me know!!

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