Nomming with Whitney – JOEY Don Mills

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This Christmas holiday was the first time I visited a JOEY restaurant. If you are / were like me and never went because it is just so far away…you’ll be happy to know that there will be one opening up this year at Markville!! I’m quite excited for that because their food is delicious, the service is good, and it’s a place that allows you to sit and chat as you eat.

After much deliberation from reading tips on what to get on Foursquare we ended up getting all seafood dishes.

We started off with the Calamari Fritto which comes with deep fried fennel and asparagus, drizzled in spicy aioli.  I honestly did expect the calamari to be bigger in size, like in a bigger piece curled up? But they were soft and tasty nonetheless with the aioli sauce. Not the best calamari that I’ve had, but it was good in the sense that the deep fry batter was thin, so it created a thin crispy skin. The fennel and asparagus was also interesting as I have never eaten it deep fried before.  It was a pretty big starter for just 2 girls too.


Adrienne and I both wanted to try many things so we actually decided to share not just an appetizer but the entrees as well. We got the Baja Fish Tacos which was extremely recommended on Foursquare. I think fish tacos are generally loved everywhere because fish just tastes so good within a taco especially when it is soft inside/crispy outside and well seasoned. This was my favourite dish of the meal, and probably the best taco I’ve ever had …although I haven’t had many. The fish was full of umami flavour yet was still refreshing.  I brought the 3rd taco home and my parents loved it!! They barely even know what a taco is too.


Our other entree was the Lobster Grilled Cheese. The cheese used was brie and cheddar, and you also get a good amount of lobster. Very savoury but you’re pretty much just getting what you expected. Nothing very exciting about it. I think the bread was also very oily likely due to the cheese.  It is better than the lobster grilled cheese that I have eaten at The Pickle Barrel though! More importantly, the fries taste like McDonald fries!!!! Which are the best!


I always thought JOEY would be more expensive, but it’s just really a couple dollars more than other Western franchised restaurants…but you do get better quality food (and more fancy) and a much nicer ambience. Another plus I guess is the servers are very good looking, haha. I’ve always heard about how the waitresses at JOEY are very pretty, and I have to say people were not lying.  They were also very friendly too, so it’s not just nice service  because of their looks!  I think our waitress even explained to us each dish as she served it – that’s fancy!

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