Nomming with Whitney – Nome Izakaya

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Nome Izakaya is one of the newer izakayas open in Toronto. The good thing about Nome Izakaya (for uptowners) is that it is not downtown!! AND they have $1 oyster deals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I normally like to read reviews and see what other people had, what people said was good and what looks good before deciding what to order (usually before I even am at the restaurant), but Nome Izakaya was barely reviewed or commented on by diners other than their oyster deal : (   So Nancy and I just picked whatever we wanted at random. I had to dissuade Nancy from ordering very normal things like sweet potato fries though -__- ”



I was majorly craving takoyaki at the time. I wouldn’t encourage getting it because from my numerous takoyaki eating experiences (lol) I THINK they didn’t even grill it themselves from scratch. And I suspect this because the base of the takoyaki is flat instead of round! Also there was not enough sauce at all…you can’t even see it in the picture. Not savoury at all : (


Other than the takoyaki picture, all other pictures are artistically taken by Nancy because I forgot my camera and Blackberry camera sucks : ‘ (   We got 2 oysters of 2 different types each – Malpeque and Fanny Bay. Both are from Canadian waters though I forget which was from where.  We both enjoyed the Fanny Bay one more because it was less ocean/fishy tasting. I personally can’t tell if the quality of the oysters were good or not in general, but I was majorly disappointed in the fact they gave us the tiniest oyster ever. It’s not visible in this picture but literally the oyster shell was puny and cracked and the oyster within was probably smaller than a quarter in size. And they’re making me pay $1 for that ???? I think they need some quality check in place before serving it out.


We got the Slammin Salmon which was a torched salmon sashimi, which was also utterly disappointing. It came not very seasoned and was also at a very odd temperature. It was like not cold, but not warm..which didn’t help the taste.


I was VERY impressed with the Tiger Shrimp (Ebi Mayo) on the other hand though. I usually never get this item at any izakaya because I feel that it is such a regular dish…since I swear Japanese people make this sorta thing at home.. But their shrimp was large in size and it was really flavourful with the mayo seasoning. And I also love shrimp chips <3

IMG-20121212-WA005Lastly we got the Sashimi Salad to satisfy our sashimi craving at a more reasonable price. This was also surprisingly good. I didn’t have much expectations cause I was thinking salad and sashimi…how amazing can it get? But it was gooood. I really liked the salad dressing and you get a variety of sashimi too! They had these crunchy crouton ish bits that really gave a nice texture to the salad as well.

Service on the other hand is horrible. Other than the waitresses awkwardly dressed like they’re at the club, they don’t even try to help by doing things like asking if you want a drink, asking what you want to order, or even GLANCING to see if you need help. I think I waved my hand and the waitress literally just looked at me. It also took quite some time just to even make eye contact to ask for the bill. AND they cleverly decide to agree to help split the bill into 2 for us, but somehow fail at math and made the bills wrong.

I think unless you really love oysters and want to take up their $1 / oyster deal, there are much better Izakayas in Toronto such as Guu or Fin Izakaya. Actually I think some of their oysters aren’t even exactly $1..theyre like $1 – something after discount.

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