Nomming with Whitney – Wild Wings (new location in Markham!)

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So lately I have gotten tired of eating Korean food. It’s like everyone’s top pick for what to eat since it’s on the cheaper side, and lately my parents have been really into Pork Bone Soup too -__- so I have been eating it on a weekly basis. So, while my friend Beatrice and I were debating what to eat and she suggested wings, I was so excited!! I haven’t had wings at a restaurant in over half a year (says Foursquare).  We weren’t sure which wings place to go to either since it’s not a type of restaurant we normally visit. We ended up deciding on Wild Wings because they opened a new location really close to where we live!! And I think cause that was her preference more between Wild Wings and All Star Wings…I didn’t really have a preference.

Wings are more expensive than I thought! It’s like 10 wings for 1$10.99??? I thought it would be like $7-8.99 only.

We took a VERY long time deciding what flavour to order since there is just so much on the menu…and I don’t think their names and short descriptions really describe the taste. They need more descriptions or pictures : )

Here’s what we ended up ordering:

Gar Par wings because it’s Bea’s favourite.


Um..Gar Par fries cause she really loves gar par, but I actually ended up liking it more than her.  I really liked the garlic sauce on fries <3


And Curry Pineapple (or Pineapple Curry) which tasted a lot of sweet & sour pork at Chinese restaurants. I liked this one more because I found the gar par wings a bit hard texture wise : S ??


I think I’ll come back in a couple of months or so to try out some more flavours : )   Also let me know if you have favourite flavours…it’s so difficult for me to narrow down my options.

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