New York and New Jersey 2012 (again) Pt. 2

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Day 2 is all about eating…walking around and eating. Last time I was in New York I cabbed everywhere just cause we could as it was cheap, but with 2 people cabbing could get pricey so we decided to walk everywhere. I think I overestimated my ability to walk and my ability to not whine haha. I’m pretty sure I said I’m tired, or I’m full like 10 times (Sorry Irene!).

We had a lot on our list of food places to go to, but unfortunately weren’t able to go to them all as our feet and stomachs were at its limitations.  I regret not pushing on. All the deliciousness that I missed out on :’ (

While walking we came across a waffle food truck!! I was so excited because I had been seeing A LOT of pictures of waffles while stalking my cousin & his girlfriend’s pictures of their trip to Belgium on Facebook. So I was dying to eat one. It looks pretty plain (too cheap to add toppings, even chocolate sauce was like $1!) but the waffle was sweet and syrupy tasting, and still warm!! The vanilla ice cream tasted good in the home made kind of way. We need this uptown Toronto.


For lunch we decided on Lombardi’s Pizza which is supposedly the birthplace of New York style pizza and America’s First Pizzeria (1905)!! Lot’s of history there. It smelled amazing as you walked towards the pizzeria even. There was a lot of people in the front and I thought we would have to wait in line, but we got seated very quickly. I think it’s because we happened to arrive a bit earlier than the lunchtime crowd.  We got the Sweet Italian Sausage topping on top of their normal mozzarella pizza ( $16 + a couple bucks for the choice of topping). It was nice and thin crusted but it wasn’t really cheesy the way I like it? I guess I still favour American style pizza more where the cheese is very cheesey and stringy, I don’t like it when the cheese comes off the dough completely and I end up with an empty pizza : (   We got a small and it was ginormous though!!

DSCN2795Sweet Italian sausage + mozzarela pizza

Lombardi's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Another spot that was on our list of places to eat at is Rice to Riches, which happened to be just down the street from Lombardi’s – perfect for dessert :D  Actually I have never had rice pudding before, but I saw pictures of their funny slogans/interior design that I had to go for myself to check it out!


Look at all the flavours!

Look at all the flavours!

Phrases to live by.  There was one other one in the store that was "if you want to look young and thin...hang out with old fat people"

Phrases to live by. There was one other one in the store that was “if you want to look young and thin…hang out with old fat people”


The serving sizes are actually really big…way too big for me especially after eating pizza, so I bought their smallest size which is in a to-go box. However,their boxes only come in their 4 I suppose most popular flavours. I opted for cheesecake since it seemed most interesting from the 4. Sometimes I can’t tell if I am warming up to cheesecake, or I’m picky about it. Lately I have been enjoying some cheesecake that I have had, but before I used to find it super sour…I guess depends on which ones. But I loved this pudding!!! I really regret not finishing it and throwing some away : ( but rice pudding is super filling!!! Does anyone know where I can buy something similar in Toronto?   It was like a cheesey, creamy but not overly sweet or sour flavour which was just perfect!

Rice To Riches on Urbanspoon

After dessert we walked to our next stop which was the famous Doughnut Plant. I wanted to check it out the last time but never got the chance to, so I was determined to go. It was quite interesting walking around Manhattan this time around because I got to see a lot of stuff that I never did the first time such as Chinatown lol. And also went in a bunch of pretty cool boutiques! I wish I had more money on me…didn’t really feel like using my credit card. There was a really cool store that had a lot of stud/spiked denim clothes which was soooo me :’ ( but very expensive. We also walked past an artsy district so there was a lot of jewellery and artwork stands on the street too!

Couldn't resist it was just so perfect to take a picture beside.

Couldn’t resist it was just so perfect to take a picture beside.

At Doughnut Plant they have many flavours to choose from, and also different types of doughnuts such as yeast vs. cake. They even sold churros! I got the Carrot Cake cake doughnut and Irene got the Pistachio yeast doughnut.  We enjoyed them much more than the doughnuts we had at at Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken. It was much less sweet and filling, so we were able to down them without much difficulty, but still slowly as we were still pretty full.



DSCN2821 DSCN2822

Doughnut Plant on Urbanspoon

At night we went back to the Times Square area to visit some of their cool stores before watching our musical! In the afternoon we lined up for discount musical tickets. We should’ve lined up earlier because there were tickets for as cheap as $40!! Ours were $88 but they were pretty upfront seats (8th row!) because that was the last 2 seats together available. We were debating between Elf, Bring it On and Mammia Mia! but decided on Mamma Mia! since both of us have never watched it before. I really enjoyed it. I thought it would be a lot more serious, but it was still comedic and the singing/acting was amazing.

Some of the stores we checked out was Forever21 (so much nicer and bigger than ours in Toronto : (   ) , M&M’s World store, and Toys R Us. All crazily packed with tourists.


Spiderman checking me out


I think after Hong Kong, New York City is still my second favourite city in the world! There’s just so much to do there!!

I also really regret not buying food at the food trucks I saw at the end of the night before heading home. Sigh. Some of the places I wanted to go to but didn’t get a chance to was Momofuku Milk Bar, Ippudo Ramen, and Luke’s Lobster. Originally I also wanted to go to Mitsuwa a supermarket in Newark because that’s where my favourite ramen Santouka is!!! But it was closed due to the hurricane..I also wanted to visit Carlos’ Bakery but we were too creeped out by how ghetto Newark is that we decided to just get back to Manhattan ASAP.  I guess next time ~

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