New York and New Jersey 2012 (again)

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So in early November I went to New York again!!! For the Big Bang Galaxy concert  with my friend Irene : )

A lot of people probably wouldn’t trek all the way, and pay so much just to attend a Big Bang concert, but to me it was like a once in a lifetime chance. I guess since they came once they’re likely to come again, but I mean I was crazy over them in high school and still quite like them today (just not as obsessively) and never has an artist I liked a lot ever come close to the vicinity where I am.  I can’t say I’m their biggest fan anymore…definitely not as crazy as some of the ones I have seen at New York, but I do have bragging rights to liking them since the beginning!!  Before Big Bang was even formed or suggested of to be exact > : )

Since neither of us could actually drive all the way there, we took the Megabus which was what I took when I went during the summer as well. There was a bit of a promo going on so each ride was only $60. I was so worried Hurricane Sandy would cancel the concert or cause some major delays during our trip, but the most frightening thing was Irene’s bus from Waterloo breaking down and the fact that she may not arrive on time to board our bus  > < …THANKFULLY she arrived 15 mins or so before boarding.

We had a total of 2 whole days in Manhattan and decided to spend most of it eating. That’s what happens when you’re both fatasses…I mean foodies.

We started off our morning with breakfast at Pret a Manger. I still miss my ham & cheese croissant.


We then walked around Bryant Park because it looked pretty.


We found snow zomg!

DSCN2585 DSCN2600

First stop on our eating adventure is Magnolia Bakery!! We actually came across it by accident while walking but it was on our list of things we wanted to try. We got the Pumpkin and Red Velvet Cupcakes. The pumpkin one was surprisingly sweeter. Pretty good cupcakes, not too sweet and also priced reasonably. It’s a very popular bakery in New York!!


Magnolia Bakery on Urbanspoon

We also did some tourist activities such as visiting the Museum of Modern Art. I feel like everyone at the museum was literally a foreigner / tourist LOL. Sometimes I wonder if people really understand what they’re looking at, or just like me…pretending to understand haha.


Artsy shot of me : )


I really liked these French -ish lithographs. Tres chic!

We had many takes before we were able to perfect this shot of fitting both us and the picture.

We had many takes before we were able to perfect this shot of fitting both us and the picture.

DSCN2703 DSCN2711

Lunch was at the famous Shake Shack !! There was a line up of course, but it moved by pretty fast. The hardest part was actually finding a seat. Luckily we were able to find one before our burgers were ready. I honestly didn’t have much expectation for it because I have had a couple “gourmet” burgers in Toronto but they were usually underwhelming. And the Shake Shack ones weren’t even fancy…but I was wrong. It was prettttty good. The patty was really soft, as was the bun, and it went really nicely with the mayo sauce that they put in. I wish I ordered a double patty burger…and fries…and maybe a shake too hehe.  Price is actually not bad at all!! Only $4. But it is pretty small in size.


Shake Shack on Urbanspoon

After lunch we headed to Penn Station to train towards Newark, NJ where the Big Bang concert venue was at. Scary moment #2 for me happened at Newark where we were outside our hostel but our landlady was nowhere to be found. And Newark is mad sketchy…it did not help my paranoia that there was a bunch of thug looking guys standing just across the street from us. Okay, Irene wasn’t worried, but the whole time I was thinking to myself “please don’t talk to me and if you rob me let me keep my passport” > <

Another thing that sucks about Newark is that their taxis are horrible. Nowhere near close to the lovely Manhattan cabs :'(  It’s so hard to hail a cab since they’re not on the street much, and the taxi dispatchers are literally incoherent. ALSO they are such bullies. Most of the taxis we went on tried to rip us off by not putting on the taxi distance calculating meter, we didn’t know if that was just how it was in Newark but we found out later that they’re just being rude. SO if you’re ever in Newark just insist on them putting on the meter, it’s supposed to be our right! I read it on a taxi sticker lol.   We had one taxi driver that was pretty rude, talking on the phone the WHOLE time and also ignoring our request to put on the meter. But I really have to give it to him, he is the only person I have ever seen able to balance a cell phone perfectly on his shoulder while driving -HANDS FREE!!  It was the funniest thing ever to watch.

When we got to the Prudential Centre I was kinda shocked by the amount of non-Asians. I knew Big Bang was popular amongst all races but I didn’t expect it to be predominantly Caucasians because I guess I just don’t really understand where they even discover Big Bang? and what do they even find attractive : S ??? Boggles my mind. But anyway while lining up for free swag, I felt super old and non-crazy. Some people are way too obsessed…even beyond the level I was at in High School… I heard some girls got VIP tickets for both concerts (if not more US. ones) which is like $600!  Saw some girl dress up as TOP, and on the bus ride home some girl literally videoed everything. I just don’t see the point of paying so much just to get squished with other fangirls and probably unable to see much. And videotaping just makes you distracted from enjoying the concert too.

I did take some pictures though! Just for the sake of being there. We bought the $90 seats but weren’t able to be very frontal, but we did have front row for our section which was nice  : )





DSCN2725 DSCN2741 DSCN2747 DSCN2767

Us after the concert :)

Us after the concert :)

Overall the concert was good, though I have to admit I expected it to be a bit more live. I guess I’d have to be in the VIP section to feel the craziness. It was really cool to be able to finally see them in person after all these years but I wish they looked up to the crowd in higher seats more  : (    SeungRi looked at me though ; )  haha kidding he looked at me and like 100 other girls. A lot of the people at the concert act like they were huge fans but from what I overheard most of them are relatively new fans…and when Big Bang has parts where the audience can sing along, the Korean parts are so quiet. Shame!

I do really hope they will come to Toronto one day though!! So I don’t have to trek all the way there…the Megabus is really long and uncomfortable to travel in.

To be continued….about day 2.

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