Nomming with Whitney – Aoyama & Sushi Restaurant


I have finally healed (enough) from my wisdom teeth extraction to continue nomming : 3

I always was interested in Aoyama because I heard that their food was very authentic, and that their sashimi was really fresh…and hearing that I automatically expected it to be expensive. So I haven’t actually bothered paying it a visit until randomly one day when I was nearby shopping. My friend Nancy was searching on Urbanspoon and saw that it was only priced at ‘$$’ which meant $10-15 / entree, so we decided to go there in hopes for a cheap Japanese meal. However my meal ended up more expensive than I would have liked : (

Aoyama doesn’t have a lot of rice or noodles on their menu, and no bentos whatsoever so you pretty much get stuck with ordering a la carte style for rolls, sushi, sashimi and appetizers. As much as I would’ve loved to order a bit of everything….I stuck to the Sashimi Moriawase ($22). I think that’s cheaper than me ordering everything separately : /   There is also a Sashimi Omakase for $25 which should have better variety of fish.

My favourite was the scallops it was very sweet! Least favourite would be the red tuna because it was really meaty and hard for me to chew (likely because of my surgery though : /..)  But the sashimi was very fresh in general. I wish the Salmon was more fatty though, I like it when it’s fatty…it’s more sweet tasting that way.  I found their soy sauce to be a bit bland though…I ended up putting some wasabi in just to get some more taste; something that I NEVER do.  I was worried that maybe it wouldn’t be filling, but it was quite okay for me. You can add a bowl of rice for $1.50 though.

Nancy got the Salmon (shrimp tempura?) Roll. I think it came out to be a really good deal since it’s only around $10 but so large in size!  I didn’t try it though but it looked delicious!!!

They have a cute display of their featured items. I’d like to come back here again when I have more money > < ” to try out their appetizers such as the Kaki Fry and Amaebi Sashimi, and their rolls : )

*Photo credits goes to Nancy and her iPhone  ( I really need one).

Aoyama Sushi on Urbanspoon

Author: waiyinwhitney

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2 thoughts on “Nomming with Whitney – Aoyama & Sushi Restaurant

  1. Yums! Have you been to Shinobu? It’s a small restaurant but it is authentic and decently priced! http://www.yelp.ca/biz/shinobu-sushi-toronto

  2. Rumours has it that there are 3 good sushi places in Scarborough for the price you pay; Le Cafe Michi, Aoyama, and Zen. The only one I haven’t been to is Zen. Aoyama is okay, but just eating sashimi is not exactly filling, and I’m not willing to spend that much more to be full… hahahaha

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