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Seafood Feast at Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill

Lately my friends have been REALLY into eating seafood, so for Beatrice’s birthday we went to Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill because she was craving lobster. I’m not a huge raw seafood fan other than I do love sashimi and sushi..etc, but I do enjoy cooked seafood so I was down for lobster. We didn’t know Starfish was a participating Summerlicious restaurant, so we were pretty disappointed to discover that most of their regular menu was unavailable.  However, we were still able to order raw seafood and lobster.

Honestly I had no idea what 1 pound of lobster meant and if I could finish it (it wasn’t available too only 1.5 lbs and up), so we ended up ordering 2 lobsters and 2 Summerlicious set meals to share amongst 4 people.


PEI oysters


Smoked Atlantic Salmon with picked kohlrabi and scallion slaw. Tasted like the smoked samlons slices you can buy at a supermarket which was better than I imagined because it looked really dry, and the slaw was pretty good.


Clams (forgot name but they put one in the Caesar drink) It was really fishy tasting for me, but Bea and Isaac loved it. SO I’m guessing it’s good.




We shared the 1.5 and 1.75 lb lobsters. I personally liked the claw part of the meat more because it was less muscular? and softer.


We all picked steamed PEI mussels as the Summerlicious entree. I didn’t like it at all..I swear I had some that were kind of bitter. MUCH better mussels at Oyster Boy and Farro.


Fries that came with the lobster. Really salty, and no idea what that dip was…it honestly looked like butter..?


Sticky Toffee Pudding – super caramel-ly


Brownie with white chocolate ganache – I didn’t order this because I thought it would be overly sweet ganache + dry brownie..but despite how it looks, it was really yummy.

Overall, the meal was enjoyable but mainly due to the lobster. The lobster here is definitely quite good, but I can’t say the same about the Summerlicious menu : S But I think I would like to try the lobster at other restaurants instead of returning to Starfish next time. The service wasn’t that great either, our waitress was pretty stand-offish in the beginning and only started to get nicer as we probably ordered more than she expected.  There was also this disagreement at the table behind us where from what we could eavesdrop it sounded like they served a 2 lb lobster when the customers only ordered a 1.5 lb, and they were charging them for 2 lb? I thought I missed a critical moment when I left to use the restroom because Bea and Horace were telling me that the people just walked out (without paying), but later we were nosy and found out that the customers did pay and are banned from Starfish : /

Starfish on Urbanspoon

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Nomming with Whitney – Danny’s Fish & Chips

I love fish and chips. I mean what’s not to love? It’s deep fried <3  I have always always always wanted to try Danny’s Fish & Chips but thought it was going to be like super ghetto looking and not much seating space that I never bothered to ask anyone to go there with me .__.  HOWEVER, a couple weeks ago Nancy and I went there for dinner!  To our surprise, it’s actually a family run diner style restaurant. The chef is actually the dad and his kids do the waitressing.

They serve different kinds of fish and seafood (I can only remember Halibut, Haddock, Shrimp and Scallops right now… but I think there was at least one more fish option), and had various combos to choose from. I ended up choosing Halibut with onion rings – I LOVE onion rings.


I personally liked the onion rings more -_- because my fish was a bit overcooked since it was on the thinner side. The onion rings were so crispy that Nancy looked up to see what I was eating LOL


This picture is obviously taken by Nancy. Look at the crispiness of the skin : 3

If you like fish and chips, do give this place a try!! But maybe it’s best to come on a weekday because seating is a bit limited. However, if you live in Markham like me, you can always have the option of getting it to go!!!  The service is also very good they were friendly and didn’t shoo us out while we sat around to chat even though we were done eating. And our waitress said we were prettty = 100 points on the service scale.
Danny's Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon


Of course we can’t go home without dessert! Tried out the new Yogurty’s at the Whole Foods plaza. The manager was really generous with the samples since it is still sort of a newly open store. They also gave out candy!!! And free yogurt chip toppings!   However, the second time I went with Beatrice, they didn’t give out any sample cups and only gave 2 when she asked. We compromised with what we had and re-used that cup to try a bunch of flavours LOL. We have no shame when it comes to food.



Only in Markham – Markham Mango LOL.

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Yum Yum in my TUM.

I attended The Toronto Underground Market aka TUM for the first time this year. I personally felt prior to going that it wasn’t really worth it since you have to pay $25 just for entrance and then still pay for everything you want to eat…but I also felt kind of obligated to attend this sort of thing as a “foodie”. I still kinda feel like it was a bit of a rip off after honestly.

There were a handful of vendors probably around 15~20, but none that really served anything that really appealed to me. A lot of them were burger/sandwich/taco kind of food which I wasn’t too interested in, and some of the vendors I have already eaten at before or seen at previous festivals.


The interior was pretty neat! Kinda industrial themed.


We got both sweet and savoury waffles to start since we weren’t feeling very hungry when it was only 5:30pm..


I really liked the artwork they had for their signs. And here’s Adrienne turning around perfectly and candidly for my picture : )


Buttermilk fried chicken droool


Chicken was amazing, but the bread was kinda hard and scratched the roof of my mouth : (


Doing what we do best – camwhore while we digest.


Red velvet ice cream sandwich with BACON BITS inside the ice cream! It was kind of cool but at times mine had way too much bacon which was quite salty. Also very artistic shot that we prepared hehe.


The ice cream sandwich was super frozen that we had to stand outside and wait for it to melt down…hence more pictures.



Babi & Co. which was my favourite of the night and the only one that I thought was really worth the money.


Babi on a bun which was love! I really like the bun they used, don’t know what it’s called in English but something like Silver…something Bun? This was really savoury I would totally eat another one.


Not very like me but I bought beer! I was so excited about it because it was ‘Watermelon Beer’ and I thought it would be like fruli…but I was majorly let down because it just tasted like beer : ‘ (


My high-low dress super matched the hipster crowd at TUM. Everyone was in boat shoes/loafers, coloured jeans or shorts, maxi and high/low skirts!


Before we left Adrienne got Arancini which is a stuffed risotto ball. Have never heard of this before but I tried a little bit cause I was really full from my beer : /


I can’t say I’d really recommend this event to people because I didn’t think it was worth the money…If you’re going with a large group of friends I guess it may be more worth it because you can try just a teensy bit of everything. I won’t be going next year for sure unless they give me some food tickets along with my entrance fee purchase…OR they decide to invite me as media : ) which I’ll be down for haha. I think they really needed more vendors are possibly more variety? There wasn’t really anything that was interesting and different sold at any of the vendors. The most “fancy” thing they had was a quail egg burger – and I realized later I’ve eaten quail egg before anyway!

It was also more of a chill/ loungey event more than a packed food festival kind of night. I think if there were more people / crowds it would’ve felt more live and my excitement would’ve been higher lol.

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Nomming at SongCook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant

I’ve been getting quite lazy with blogging,  I must admit. It’s just after work all I want to do is pretty much nothing lol. Even when my friend Beatrice suggested for us to have dinner at SongCook’s I didn’t even look up what was good to eat there on Urbanspoon : O!! Usually I’m the type of person that likes to look through the whole menu and people’s reviews & tips, and already sort of have in mind what I want to eat before arriving.  What we were most excited about at SongCook’s when we arrived was that they had traditional floor seating!!!! Never have we been this excited to sit on the floor lolol. But we read that it had heated flooring and it would feel much more authentic, so we even asked the waiter to get us a new table (we were originally at regular tables).



We couldn’t feel the floor being heated though : / but maybe because the weather was warm.

Something else that’s pretty cool about SongCook’s is that they serve a huge variety of types of rice. They have a whole array of rice cookers just to provide this! But we didn’t end up ordering it because rice is additional.

We got their Jajangmyun which was recommended on foursquare and by our waiter so we gave it a shot. I think it’s the best jajangmyun I’ve had – I’ve had one at Nakwon before and I didn’t like it at all.. This one is really creamy.


We actually got one of their ‘jajang combos’ where you get half of a regular serving of jajangmyun and then half of another noodle/rice dish – we chose the ChamPong which is spicy seafood noodles. Nothing really spectacular but I really want to try the non-soup version of the champong, it looked really good in the menu.


Lastly, we couldn’t resist getting Kalbi since it was only like $8.99 or so. Really large serving size and was tasty – but not as fatty as I would like it to be : /


Overall, I think this is a great place to try since they have a lot of dishes that your regular Korean restaurants like Nakwon and Owl of Minerva don’t serve (one of them that I also want to try is the ‘Amry Stew’ it reminds me of what they eat on Family Outing); and you get to experience sitting at the floor tables!!! Which is exciting for people like me that haven’t been to Korea. ALSO, they have karaoke nights on Fridays lol. We didn’t stick around though when we found out no one was really singing except one guy which I think is an employee.

If you have foursquare, be sure to check in because on your first check-in you get a free coke!! And screenshot that for next time haha.

SongCook's Authentic Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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I planted a tree!

This past weekend I went tree planting!! It’s sort of something that has been on my not very serious bucket list. I’ve always been interested in attending a tree planting event, but it’s definitely not a ‘must do before I die’ kind of thing. The organization that I’m volunteering with now Mon Sheong, participated in a tree planting event at Miliken Park led by Trees Across Toronto, so I finally got my chance to do it!

I brought along a couple of my friends too. I feel like the people I volunteer with must think they are my entourage or something now because for social events I keep bringing them LOL.

There was an expected number of around 100 volunteers with about 45 from Mon Sheong but there ended up being over 400 volunteers altogether. The park was filled with people! We also started kind of late so we only managed to plant 2 trees altogether.  I think other than the shortage of trees to go around, the trees were also small in size so digging the hole didn’t take much time.   Nancy was dead set on planting a pine tree she went off on her own to scavenge us one. I went to look for her and I see her walking back like boss with a pine tree in hand <3   We mainly wanted the pine tree because it would make us cooler than everyone else with regular trees (no idea what type)…and cause Nancy said they last longer. LOL longevity is a major factor.


Here’s me obviously very hard at work that I didn’t even notice the picture being taken. And majorly representing Stussy.

Pictures are kind of pink because of Nancy’s iPhone case.. : ‘ (


With my entourage – Horace, Alvin and Nancy.

I don’t know why but we were all super excited about tree planting. We had lots of fun digging, making jokes about “hoes”, picking out gloves lol, and getting excited over how the trees were cute and looked like the trees from Charlie Brown Christmas ..okay maybe this last one was just Nancy and I.  But that is where our tree got its name – Charlie Brown, or affectionately known to us as CB. I even kinda touched a worm to give it to CB’s soil…cause it will help right???


CB and I.


Our artistic earthly shot of CB featuring Horace as the hand model.


And us all again. I think we all thought CB would be in the picture…but he got cut off.. Alvin looks super proud lolol.


Finally! The result of our hard work and dedication

We actually planted another (non-pine) tree after and we did that in like 1 minute – no love. Although we did find an earwig-like thing and we threw it away cause I think they are bad for plants? Actually we probably only did that so the earwig would be farther away from CB <3   I think Horace flung it into another tree though…hehe.


Lastly a group picture at the end with everyone from Mon Sheong. I don’t know why I always end up smack in the middle of group shots…I never try to be but always am : / I feel kind of bad for doing that.

Maybe tree planting is therapeutic (actually I have no idea what I am talking about) because we had breakfast prior to tree planting and did not feel hungry at all for the rest of the day. All we had after was bubble tea, and then a frosty : S

I would love to go tree planting again. I kind of wanted to dig a bigger hole….and like plant larger sized trees? And obviously get to use a HOE. lol kidding.


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My new favourite Italian Restaurant – Farro

Farro is my new favourite Italian restaurant in town and it gets major bonus points for being uptown!! My friend Nancy gave me a list of restaurants to pick from  to visit, and I picked Farro (thinking it was downtown) solely because it had a 90% rating on Urbanspoon. And to my surprise, it is actually located in Vaughan.  Which makes it so much more accessible to me and my fellow uptown-ers. I like going downtown to eat because there are sooo many different restaurants, but driving and parking is SUCH a hassle. And being the person that isn’t even the driver, I already feel the pain.

There weren’t many reviews on Urbanspoon nor Foursquare so we really just had to choose based on our opinion on what would be yummy and worth the price.

We got some complimentary bread to start of course.


For our appetizer, we debated for so long between mussels or scallops (which we love but is oh so pricey), and ended up choosing the Steamed Mussels with White wine, tomato sauce and a hint of perond because it seemed like it would be a much larger portion. At the time I was also very into mussels because I had really delicious ones at Oyster Boy.  Compared to Oyster Boy the mussels at Farro were much better in size and taste. But Oyster Boy’s soup base was much much more rich and tasty. I think Farro gave a very decent serving size for it’s price of only $12.95. And with it’s large shells, they even took care to give us a bowl to place the empty shells and to switch bowls when the shells were piling up.  The complimentary bread was also very useful for dipping into the soup :D


For mains we decided to share Gnocchi Gorgonzola with basil pesto, sundried tomatoes and spinach.  Gnocchi has become my new favourite type of pasta. I just love the chewy texture of it, kinda like mochi! The creamy pesto sauce was very delicious and not too overbearing. This is a must try if you love creamy kind of sauces for pasta : )


We also shared a pizza – Quattro Stagioni with Prosciutto Cotto, Artichokes, Mushrooms, Olives, Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella.  It’s the first time I’ve ever had artichokes on pizza :  / I’m not a big fan of it normally but it was bearable actually on the pizza. Gave a sour kind of taste especially since there were olives too. It was good, but the gnocchi was much better.


Here’s  us !! No I am not wearing all white ….just the flash made my yellow shirt turn white, and I had a white tablecloth on my lap too..


We ended up even splurging a little to get dessert too. My favourite kind of cake is Tiramisu so I had to get it since we’re at an Italian restaurant.  It was pretty strong on the coffee tasting side but was quite light and fluffy like how I like it.  I generally like the kind of tiramisu that has lots of thin layers more though.  The one at Le Cafe Michi is really good : 3


Farro on Urbanspoon


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